Posted December 30, 2013

Herb Alpert Totems

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Herb Alpert’s Giant Totem Sculptures Coming To New York City

HerbAlpertPresents - December 30, 2013 - Herb Alpert will add to his numerous artistic achievements early next year when he opens two exhibits in New York City, January 2014.

Three of Alpert’s tall black bronze totems, Spirit Totems, will be on exhibit in Dante Park at West 64th Street, between Columbus Avenue and Broadway, on January 25 – April 15, 2014. “I spent time looking all over New York City for the ideal place for the Spirit Totems. I fell in love with Dante Park because it is an open thoroughfare where the sculptures are visible with a connection to jazz at Lincoln Center,” says Herb Alpert.

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Posted April 26, 2013

Herb Alpert | That Mysterious Thing Interview


Herb Alpert | That Mysterious Thing

Herb Alpert's artistic endeavours don't end in the music studio. Herb Alpert the sculptor and painter, sits down for an indepth interview about his 40 plus year passions.  “Painting and sculpture is very much like music, in the sense that I’m looking for composition, I’m looking for harmony, I’m looking for transpositions. I want the canvas to swing.” - Herb Alpert

Posted April 18, 2013


"Black Totems" Sculptures By Herb Alpert

The pieces, which are made of bronze with a black patina coating, began life as 12-inch, hand-sculpted clay forms. Gigantic-sized incarnations were then shaped by hand as well, before being molded and cast in bronze. Each piece takes as long as three months to complete. Alpert began work on the series back in 2000, originally inspired by the totem poles of the indigenous tribes of the Pacific North West. The totems’ aesthetic has been described as “frozen smoke,” with Alpert himself comparing the freedom and spontaneity of their design to his improvisational work as a jazz musician.

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